If you are operating in a specific domain and have access to these three assets, you might be our ideal partner.



The process of plugging in the basic fundamentals of the SkillRace learning ecosystem into a new domain, is pretty straightforward and can be done in matter of a few weeks only. As a pre-requisite an expert level of domain competency is required to complete the initial tasks.


Once the domain model has been fed into the system, it's time to bring the learning ecosystem to life. This requires a commitment among some key players in the domain, such as companies committing to pilot use cases and best-practice content providers.


The process of getting everything up to speed will be done through an `ecosystem spin-off company´ that will own the rights to license SkillRace to the domain players. In most cases this company will also spend time and resources to develop domain-specific software and technology that can leverage from the SkillRace ecosystem.

The fact that most domains today offer an open space for a state-of-art learning ecosystem, presents a unique opportunity. However, it will require a certain amount of capital investment to actually implement the processes and engage the industry in the ecosystem.

Please let us know if you think you qualify as an industry innovator

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