As a member of the SkillRace learning ecosystem your inspiration will lead to curiosity, and as you through engaging exploration build your knowledge, your growing ambitions will form concrete development objectives. The tools and best-practice resources at hand secure a process of deliberate practice and monitoring, leading to a level where your performance will provide you with that inner drive necessary to intensify the learning iterations and increased focus on details that will give you that competitive edge.



  • We believe that learning starts with inspiration and that an attractive arena will motivate people to explore and seek knowledge

  • An intuitive, user friendly and attractive visual appearance contributes to the user experience

  • All users can get involved, discuss and share content, including people you want to reach outside the organisation

  • Get in touch with relevant and skillful people

  • Follow expertise and create followers

  • Efficient sharing of best practise, innovation and improvements

  • A system that contributes to and enhances your culture of learning and performance

  • Become an influencer in the industry independently of your place in the ecosystem