SkillRace can make a profound impact on any organization where competency is key to performance. As part of the learning ecosystem, you will find yourself as a node in a network where best-practice processes and knowledge can be efficiently shared.

The dynamics of SkillRace provide a sound balance of aiming for both long-term improvement and results, having emerged from in-depth experiences from the two worlds of competitive sports and corporate industry.

It is rightfully claimed that Culture eats Strategy for breakfast. The company culture is the sum of its employees behavior, which again is promoted by both its formal and informal Reward System. Knowing that learning has occurred when there is a change of behavior, it becomes clear that learning is not only a way to incrementally improve productivity, but also a powerful tool to deliberately form organizational culture.

Managing culture is hard enough in itself, and even tougher in large and distributed organizations. SkillRace facilitates this by providing a powerful and flexible way to channel joint organizational and individual objectives, common processes with mechanisms to put in place a reward system that can be used to inspire and promote the wished behavioral changes.

Where most organizations today are left with a KPI system or a Balanced Score Card reporting system, SkillRace has incorporated all this into the day-to-day learning and work processes.


With SkillRace, organizational objectives can be easily managed and connected to the different roles & work processes.

Make SkillRace the home of your business' strategic improvement programmes, and you will experience how easy it is to manage and share joint goals and actions across organizational and geographical borders.

We are currently working to implement a very flexible KPI tool, so that you will be able to measure the extent of improvement and the status of your strategic implementation, from a top level company perspective all the way down to each individual's contribution.

Balancing the focus and resources applied between long-term improvement versus short-term results, has always been a challenge where the latter tends to win most of the times. SkillRace will make learning a more visible and defined process, towards a more sound and balanced focus between short- and long-term objectives.



Organize your people in teams, and have each team set up a development plan with learning content, objectives and suggested actions.

SkillRace enables you to set up blueprint development plans or access plans from experts outside of your organizations.

Each individual can have their own Individual Development Plan. Once established the corresponding objectives will comprise the direction for the individual's development. They will also serve as a filter to give a focused view into the content repositories, making sure that the user can work with the resources reflecting their learning needs.

The performance and exposure to each development objective can be monitored and scored on a per date or event basis.



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